Lessons from Afar – Rector’s Bible Study

Have you ever experienced being in another culture and coming away with some new insights as a result?  Seeing life through the lens of missionaries in South Sudan and learning about the human spirit and God’s grace on the other side of the world is the topic of the next Rector’s Bible Study beginning April 4 through May 16 at 6:30 pm.  The class will use Mary Higbee’s yet unpublished book, Lessons from Afar, and be led by Fr. Sean Cox and Mary.
In the introduction to Lessons from Afar, Mary asks the readers:
On the other side of the world, amid scarcity and need, I experienced God’s generosity and a life-affirming purpose for me. Which brings us to the question that is at the center of this book: Can the lessons taught to me by God and the Dinka people of South Sudan be brought home to the United States for a life that is more abundant and generous? Please join me in seeking answers to that question.
Please email or call the office to reserve your copy of Lessons from Afar.

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