Reconciliation Available

Invitation to Reconciliation
As part of your Lenten practice, in preparation for the great feast of Easter, I invite you to experience the sacrament of Reconciliation.
This sacrament of healing is available during any season, not just Lent. And it is for any season of your life, not just near death. This is one of God’s gifts of healing offered through the Church. It is intended to liberate you from shame and guilt, to offer comfort, insight into harmful habits, and to deepen your experience of intimacy with God.
In the sacrament of Reconciliation, you are invited to unburden your mind and heart to a priest, who will then offer you counsel, extend God’s promise of forgiveness, and offer God’s blessing. There is a liturgy for reconciliation in The Book of Common Prayer (check it out, beginning on page 446).

Is this “confession” necessary in order to receive forgiveness and blessing? No, absolutely not. Can this “confession” be healing, cathartic and a vehicle of grace? Yes, indeed! There is a famous Anglican saying: “None must; all may; some should.”Some may have negative feelings about the practice of confession. I grew up in a Christian tradition that required “confession.” Most of my experiences were okay, but I had a couple of negative zingers, too. I recall two memorable confessions: one of being told I was going to burn in hell (at 15 years old); another of the priest snoring during my confession (apparently my sins were less hell-worthy that time around!). I assure you, an experience of Reconciliation at Faith Episcopal Church will not involve shaming or snoring!
God is always wooing us, luring us to respond, loving us into more whole and holy relationships. Profound growth and healing can occur when we are vulnerable in safe ways with safe people. Our safe vulnerability allows God to slide by our defenses and touch our broken, aching places with grace.  
It is Love and only Love that heals. The sacrament of Reconciliation is an embodiment of God’s love. It is safe and non-shaming.
Come and see.
To make an appointment, please call the office at 530-676-5348, or email Father Sean or Rev Sonya at

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