Interim Rector

The Vestry of Faith Episcopal Church is pleased to announce that the Bishop has appointed an Interim Rector for our transition.

The Bishop, through the Rev. Canon McMillin, has nominated Rev. Elizabeth Armstrong.
We, the Vestry, have reviewed the qualifications of Rev. Armstrong.
We have met with and conversed at length with the Rev. Armstrong. At every step in the process, we engaged in prayerful discernment.

After our prayerful work, the Vestry affirmed the appointment, and the Rev. Elizabeth Armstrong has accepted the position of Interim Rector effective July 1, 2019.

The Vestry has also invited the Rev. Sonya Reichel to remain as our Associate Rector.

This Sunday, members of the Vestry will be present at the “30 Minutes of Faith” held between the two services (9:15 – 9:45) to listen to and address any concerns and answer questions about the transition process.

Below is the personal response of Reverend Elizabeth Armstrong.

May the Love of Jesus Christ be with us always,

Brian E. Kennedy, Sr. Warden
Faith Episcopal Church Dear Faith Church,

Dear Faith Church,

Once again, the Spirit has surprised me. At the St. Augustine Vestry retreat in early March I officially announced to the Vestry that I would retire in the summer of 2020. With Canon Andrea facilitating we, as a leadership group, began our planning for the work we would need to do as a community as we moved toward that time.

When I received Canon Andrea’s phone call weeks later, asking if I would consider an appointment by the Bishop to be the Interim Rector for Faith Church, I was shocked. This idea didn’t fit into my plan for the next year or so, but I was immediately intrigued and said I would open my heart and mind to the idea and see where prayer took me. The feeling of being intrigued began to be coupled with a sense that the Holy Spirit might just be up to something.

Your Vestry and I met for some very open and fruitful conversation. After their prayerful deliberation they affirmed the Bishop’s appointment and I accepted the appointment. I left Faith Church in November 2011 where I served as the Assistant for over ten years. I will return to you a different person – shaped by my work at St. Augustine, my personal working through of the end of my marriage, and by a myriad of other experiences, including falling in love again and opening up my life to new possibilities.

As unexpected as this new position is, I am very much looking forward to our time together. It’s hard to know what the Spirit has in mind for us, but let’s plan on keeping our eyes on Jesus and enter into this adventure together!  

God’s Peace,  

The Rev. Liz Armstrong

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