Posted by Fr. Sean Cox

Easter weekend marks seasons of life:  death, waiting, and re-birth.  Participating in Easter weekend services is acknowledgment of the fragility of life, the mystery of waiting, and the wonder of re-birth.

The Fragility of life.  An organism can only thrive within tightly defined parameters.  Even the Son of God had to eat, sleep, and work to thrive.  On Good Friday we’re faced with the reality of the body’s limitations.  Our bodies will eventually fail.  Our memory will fade.  Yet within fragile parameters, life persists, even in the face of ruin.

The mystery of waiting.    After Good Friday is a season of waiting.  Jesus is gone.  He will return.  We wait.  Only Holy Saturday, try to imagine your world without Jesus, and you’ll come to Easter Vigil.  Waiting is an art and discipline that many of us strive to perfect.  Practice on Holy Saturday.

The wonder of re-birth.  Easter Sunday marks re-birth, which can only happen after the death of a person or idea.  After mourning comes new life.  With new life comes new hope.  With new hope comes renewed purpose.

Join us this weekend to mark the seasons of death, waiting, and re-birth.

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