Posted by Barbara Gillespy

Sunday December 17, 2:00 pm – 4:30 pm at Faith Episcopal Church.

The JCrew / Youth Group is hosting a Christmas Gingerbread making event.  Youth ages 5-11 are invited to build gingerbread houses, make Christmas cards, hear Christmas stories or just plain enjoy a few hours together at Faith.
Parents can participate or use this time to finalize their own Christmas plans. Requested donation is $20 per child or $35 for the family (siblings).
How can you help?  Please bring:
– An empty, washed out ½ gallon milk milk/rice/almond/coconut etc carton
– A foil-covered cardboard piece for a base
–  2 bags of candy to share (gumdrops,
   peppermints, candy corn, etc…)
–  2 wax-wrapped packages of graham crackers
– any child with a food allergy should plan to bring their own graham crackers and candy and let us know about any allergies, so when we make frosting, we can make a special batch and we can keep their child safe from allergens during the creation process!

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