Posted by Barbara Gillespy

Sunday December 17, 2:00 pm – 4:30 pm at Faith Episcopal Church.

The JCrew / Youth Group is hosting a Christmas Gingerbread making event.

-Please register for this event by Sunday, December 10 so that our youth group can prepare for the event.
-New! Children age five and under are welcome to attend this event with their parent.  Children ages 5 and over will be supervised by our youth group students and adult leaders so that parents can shop, rest, attend the Cox family open house etc.

Parents can participate or use this time to finalize their own Christmas plans. Requested donation is $20 per child or $35 for the family (siblings).

How can you help?  Please bring:
– An empty, washed out ½ gallon milk milk/rice/almond/coconut etc carton
– A foil-covered cardboard piece for a base
–  2 bags of candy to share (gumdrops,
   peppermints, candy corn, etc…)
–  2 wax-wrapped packages of graham crackers
– any child with a food allergy should plan to bring their own graham crackers and candy and let us know about any allergies, so when we make frosting, we can make a special batch and we can keep their child safe from allergens during the creation process!

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