Honduras – Padre Francisco

To attend public school in Honduras, you must be able to provide your own books, school supplies, uniform, and transportation.  Unfortunately, in the poorest parts of the country, families do not have the resources to meet these requirements.  Consequently, children in these areas must forgo their education.  However, with a $300 scholarship, these financial barriers to education can be overcome.This year we were able to scholarship 40 children in Padre Francisco’s church.  These scholarships will give children a chance at education.

One half of our Christmas offering was given to better the lives of the poorest of the poor in Honduras. Padre Francisco has begun to use some of the money already and has sent some pictures which help us understand how poor these people really are. Two of the pictures are of the bathroom that a family uses. The other is of what is called a “pila” which is used to wash clothes and store water for washing and other uses. Again, thank you to all who gave. I am planning on visiting in March.  Please click here to see a video of the people and the work being done.  When I return I will then be able show more of how your gifts are helping others.  Fr. McNair