Leadership Team

Strong, effective lay leadership is a core value at Faith Church. Organized around our mission to take Christ into the world, specialized teams optimize ministry within the church and beyond. Leadership teams function in concert with others to:

· Collaborate with each other for on-going work in the parish;
· Communicate new ideas and meet challenges;
· Cooperate with each other as we respond to the call God.

Five primary teams facilitate the work of Faith Church:

Vestry: elected by the congregation for three year terms, vestry members are the legal representatives of the Parish in all matters concerning its corporate property and the relations of the Parish to its clergy.  The current vestry members are, Brian Kennedy – Sr. Warden; Vince Maloney – Jr. Warden;  Angelito Fortes – Clerk; Lynne Thomas -Treasurer;  Cass Bisbikis, Cathy Daust, Sue Davis, Carolyn Flood, Bob Gilmore, Angie Hanson and Ray Sarlatte.

Ministry Team Leaders: heads of every ministry area (Altar Guild, Music, Landscape, etc.) meet monthly to communicate, collaborate, and cooperate. Team Leaders take information and ideas to their respective teams, affording conduits of information and ideas to and from the parish.

Mission Team: plans the outreach activity of the parish, recommends mission funding opportunities to the vestry, and organizes revenue generation for outreach.  Members of Faith Church do mission and ministry at home and around the world. The Mission Team supports their work through prayer and resource management.

Small Group Steering Committee: shapes the focus and content of small group ministries, particularly groups that meet with a short term objective. They recruit, train, and support small group leaders who meet on the church campus and in the community.

Staff & Office Volunteers:  Office Staff  & Volunteers support the work of the above groups. Interim Rector: Pastor Liz Armstrong,  in office Saturday – Wednesday;  Parish Administrator:  Dena Nkadi,  in office Monday – Thursday;  Director of Music Ministry: Rosalee Sabado, in office by appointment; Director Of Christian Formation: Monica Ness, in office by appointment;  Membership Growth Coordinator: Anne Fortes, in office every other Tuesday/Friday;  Sexton: Seth Payne, in office Tuesday and by appointment;  Office Volunteers: Cass Bisbikis, Pat Ekelund,  Lynne Thomas, Fran Thomson.