Posted by Fr. Sean Cox

An Episcopal congregation in Southern California found a unique mission opportunity in a local laundromat.  One night a week, members of the church would gather at the laundromat frequented by homeless and working poor people.  Church members greeted laundromat patrons as they came in, helped with laundry, provided a snack, and invited people into a prayer circle.

This week’s Gospel text from Mark, commonly known as the “Transfiguration”, describes disciples of Jesus seeing him for who and what he truly is, in clothes dazzling white, “Such as no one on earth could bleach them.”  The voice of God is heard:  “This is my Son, the Beloved; listen to him!”

The priest in charge of the church said his weekly encounters with Jesus was in Sunday worship and in the laundromat talking to people with soiled clothes and weary souls.  The church brought laundry soap and bleach; God brought the grace.

Could such an opportunity exist in Cameron Park?

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