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Men of Faith, the 14th Annual Men’s Hike is now officially in planning, I am targeting September 16, out of Faith Church parking lot at 7:00 am. For those out of Placerville we will arrange a rendezvous.
The attachment shows the route, we are planning to go out of Carson Pass South, Hike up to Frog Lake and Winnemucca, some of us will venture up to the ridges overlooking Winnemucca, and do the Elephant’s Back as the route map shows in blue rather than red coloring.

The simple well trodden route up to Winnemucca is about a 4-5 mile complete (both in and back), with easy terrain for the high country. Not too much elevation gain. Elephant’s Back adds a few miles and of course is an easy summit but  that climb  is with loose gravel and only use trails at best.  Use trails are animal trails, and basically no trails in some sections.

I consider it a moderate climb and so much more memorable than simply being with the masses at Winnemucca Lake. It will be your choice. Scramble up and enjoy the ridges looking into Forestdale divide, and if we are lucky we can watch the experts peaking  Round Top from the difficult side (the East Ridge). You are guaranteed solitude on this section, most certainly not on the other route. As Carson Pass is now officially overused. Sad as it is.
See attachment for detail, the Elephant’s Back loop makes it an 8 miler.
Please reply to me if you are considering this hike or confirming, and if you have more questions. I encourage you to bring a friend, or a young man or boy. The simple Winnemucca route, is easy enough for anyone 8 years or older.
The longer route I would say age 12 and up.

Blessing, your Hike Master.

Frank (upper) Ober

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