Mission Grants

Faith Church was founded as a mission church, and all members are encouraged to participate in local and global mission work. If you are involved in or know of a mission you think Faith would like to support, we encourage you to apply to our Mission Team for a grant. The Mission Team evaluates all applications and determines which missions the church will support, whether with funds or other assistance.
Please review the full guidelines page first.
The Mission Team reviews these grant requests about every two months, and we give thoughtful consideration to every application.
Applicant ranking includes the following criteria, with the top characteristic given the highest priority:

active Faith members
people serving in Faith activities
people with a history of volunteering for the applicant organization
people who have successfully worked with Faith support in the past
people who have demonstrated stewardship, accountability and fiscal responsibility
organizations that do not have a direct connection to Faith

Application: We look forward to learning about your mission. Click here to submit a Mission or Outreach Grant Application.
SS# or TIN#: We cannot fund a grant request without your Social Security Number or your IRS Taxpayer Identification Number. If you have a TIN number, you must provide that to us on a  W-9 form (IRS website). Fill out the form online, print and sign it, and bring or mail it to Faith Episcopal Church, P.O. Box 966, Shingle Springs  CA 95682. You don’t need to send a copy to the IRS.