Posted by Fr. Sean Cox

Six days later, Jesus took with him Peter and James and his brother John and led them up a high mountain, by themselves.  Matthew 17: 1

What happens when you see someone for “who they really are?”  The “Transfiguration” of Jesus is about that common experience of discovering facets of people you only thought you knew well.   These revelations surprise us, such as:

  • An addicted family member;
  • A cheating spouse;
  • The dishonest co-worker;
  • An unscrupulous boss…and others.

Are there happy surprises?  Yes! Examples:

  • The spouse who stays up late to care for children while you catch up on much needed sleep;
  • Friends who turn up when you most need them;
  • The supervisor who supports you through a difficult work conflict;
  • Neighbors who show up to help at the most important moment.

As a few disciples began their ascent of the mountain with Jesus, perhaps they thought they already knew everything about him.  Transfiguration did not change the form or substance of Jesus; for the first time they understood his true nature.  People are transfigured to each other; often in extreme circumstances.  Jesus was revealed as the son of God.

If you were to be “transfigured” right now, what would be revealed about you?

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