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A question was posed at the Town Hall meeting last Sunday about gender-neutral language for God.  A news outlet picked up a story about a resolution at the Episcopal Diocese of Washington’s annual convention.  A description of the convention and resolutions may be found at:

Some thoughts:

  1. Liturgies using inclusive language have been authorized by General Convention since 1998.
  2.  Some news sources don’t always accurately report church deliberation processes.  Nuanced relationships within church structures can be complex and baffling.
  3. Decisions made in one diocesan convention are not binding in other dioceses.  Decisions on a national level are made at General Convention, which is held every 3 years.  General Convention will meet in Austin, Texas this summer.  Please see the website for details:
  4. Faith Church varies use of Eucharistic Prayers and Prayers of the People.  Last Sunday we used Eucharistic Prayer “A” from The Book of Common Prayer, which uses male pronouns for God, understanding that human language can never describe the full nature of God.

Do we need to have deeper and fuller discussions in our community about how we speak of God?  Would you attend a class or series of classes and discussions?

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  1. Ruth Pihlaja says:

    Great job in the explanation…count me in if there’s a class.

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