Who we are

Faith Church is a parish church in the Episcopal Diocese of Northern California. Our diocese covers most of Northern California (excluding San Francisco and the Bay Area) and includes 60+ locations where God is worshiped in the Episcopal tradition. Faith was a mission church of the Diocese from 1992 to 2001, and we incorporated as a parish in the Spring of 2001.  Children, are always visible at Faith Church, and they are very important to the membership and to the Mission.

Our values are encompassed in our mission and vision statements which have been the same since our inception.

Faith’s Mission Statement: Praise God by serving, growing and sharing in Christ’s love.

Faith’s Vision Statements:
Faith Church is a place where the Christian faith is taken seriously.
Children are welcome and families are supported.
The Episcopal tradition shapes our faith.
We help each other find and live our calling.
We care for others outside the church.

Faith strives to be friendly, relaxed, and open to newcomers. While we take our faith very seriously, we are much more casual about the mechanics of practicing that faith.

Faith is relaxed. Our all-purpose building, which we moved into in February 2003, now allows a space that will accommodate over 500 people and we often host special services regionally for our Diocese and the community at large on 10 beautiful acres. That property is poised for growth, both spiritually, and in a greater sense to increase our parish services and focus on youth and families, now and in the years ahead.