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JCrew Teens, come on out and take part in a fun discussion on Faith and Works.  The JCrew band is meeting at 4:00 pm to rehearse.

December 17, 2 PM – 4:30 PM.  Gingerbread Houses
On Sunday December 17 we will host a Gingerbread making activity at Faith for families.  We need committed JCrew members to sign up to:

  • Work with kids to make Gingerbread
  • Read Christmas Stories
  • Child Check in/out table
  • This event is a gift to the church and a fund raiser for miscellaneous
  • outreach activities.

Upcoming JCrew / Youth Group Activities
November 12: Youth Mission Night
November 19: Casual Movie Night
December 2: (Saturday 8:15 AM – 12 PM) Mandarin Orange Bagging
December 3: (Before and After Church) Christmas Gift Outreach Mandarin
Orange Fund raising
December 3: (5-5 pm, band rehearsal at 4) Christmas Stories and Traditions
December 10: (Just after Church) Christmas Gift Outreach Buying
December 17: (2 pm -4:30 pm) Gingerbread Making ministry / Fund raising
December 17 is our last meeting of the year, JCrew resumes Jan 7

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